Java in Disguise

June 4th, 2010

After my previous post about Appcelerator I’ve decided to post some code to mull over, specifically the wide similarities between this and Java Swing.

Win.title_lb = Titanium.UI.createLabel
    color: '#eee',
    text: Ti.App.Properties.getString('title'),
    font:{fontSize: 40, fontFamily: 'Verdana'},
    top: -200,
    left: 100,
    textAlign: 'left',

What does that remind you of? If you said Labels in Java you might be right. I find a surprising amount of similarity between the pseudo-javascript that Appcelerator claims to be and the Java it undoubtedly tries to be.

Either way I finished the app, no need to worry about that until they have a design change.

June 2010

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