I put bacon on veggie burgers

Actually, I abstain from veggie burgers. It’s a complete oxymoron to say “veggie burger” when by definition and construct it’s a meat containing sandwich.

The tortures of Javascript / pseudo-javascript code are over and we’re on to bigger and better things. Hoping to write more later on it.

The Ignited-Blog is coming along well-ish. There are features I want to implement that I just haven’t had time for. Specifically I’d like to overhaul the entire thing and include an installation type method, a better admin area, and a live update. The live update (using either WMD or the open source branch) has been tedious at best. I’m not sure how it’s being created / applied and I’m also not sure of the overall requirements. I was hoping to have time this weekend to tear apart the form and start building from scratch but that hasn’t come to pass.

written June 12th, 2010

June 2010

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