Kaleidoscope App

I recently got an email about Kaleidoscope, another take on the various diff tools out there. This one is targeted to OS X users at present.

I’m giving it a test run, it seems to handle pretty well. I ran it through two ~690KB files (which had about 10,000 lines of ping results) just to test the speed. It didn’t crash or stall, and only took a couple of minutes. Not bad at all, especially for a new application.

Compared to Changes it holds it own pretty well. Except for lack of folder support that is.

While I wait for git mergetool support I will use it whenever I need a diff tool and note any quirks.

SOFA, the company that designed Kaleidoscope also makes Versions, a OS X svn client. While I prefer Cornerstone from Zennaware I thought Versions was a decent take on a svn GUI client. That is until I found git and ditched GUI’s.

written June 1st, 2010 and last updated August 12th, 2014

June 2010

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