Coming up for air

June 26th, 2022

For the past two years I’ve put this personal corner on a backburner. I used to really enjoy writing and I wasn’t feeling it lately. COVID-19 coincided but wasn’t directly the cause. Looking back over the archives 2015 was the last good year. That’s a crazy amount of time—almost seven years1 ago.

Today I dusted off pyenv and reinstalled everything for Pelican from scratch. I was utterly shocked that it would even build, moreso that it built correctly. I put a few small stylistic tweaks in, backed up the S3 buckets just in case, and ran make s3_upload with my fingers crossed. Everything looks about right.

I’m making the day sound shorter than it really was. About two half days put together if I was billing for the time. But it beat trying to fix the laser printer2 for the Nth time this year.

  1. I counted on my fingers and might be rounding in the wrong direction. 

  2. Fix” means “can print.” The rational action would be to buy another printer but this gives me an excuse to reuse a Raspberry Pi 1 running CUPS

June 2022

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