One Week with Android


In light of Google I/O and WWDC and our own Android app being released I’ve decided to switch to carrying a Nexus 5 for a week. Starting Monday my iPhone 5s will be delegated to my bag and not used unless I’m checking something off in OmniFocus. I’ll post daily recaps of usage as well as reports on applications as I go along.

First Steps

Current Homescreen

Replacing essential applications will be my first priority. I’ve already been seeking replacements for Twitter. There are a few apps I use that have official counterparts on Android but most are in the realm of specialized oddities like Fantastical or the aforementioned OmniFocus. These are impossible to replace but I can seek alternative solutions that hopefully come with their own personalities.

Future Steps

Am I switching full-time to Android? Definitely not. I’m far to invested in small things like smooth bouncy scrolling and larger things like iCloud and solid syncing. I’m not a big player in Google’s platform of applications preferring to find alternative solutions sponsored by money not personal data.

written July 6th, 2014 and last updated September 1st, 2014

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