What have I been up to for the last six months? I last posted about Scrambled Eggs. Seriously? Yes. My last real post (Grails in Production) was over a year ago.

The hell happened to me?

Life” would be the terse one-word response that doesn’t answer anything. Let’s backtrack to last March.


In March I ended up leaving a startup called Markover (now called Poptip). The original pre-TechStars idea was pin-pointed commenting over images. Now it’s a dashboard for polling people on Twitter.

April thru May

Had some fun with a side project called and got to know the guys at Singly really well.


Left my job at Freeverse and started JAKT with Anthony.

August thru Now

Working my ass off and pushing a lot of stuff to the side. I turn into a disorganized mess at the slightest opportunity. Look at my desk, my room, or even the thousands of pictures I haven’t processed, organized, posted, or even reviewed.

Getting on track

I’ve got lots of things to improve on. TODOs and scheduling are the next big ones I’m hurdling. After putting it off for six months I put together a blog for ourselves and threw up an initial post Dealing With Data in Python.

written March 4th, 2013

March 2013

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