Getting Closer to Switching

After an extensive re-write I’m just a few steps away from switching completely from the old blog to the new static file driven one.

I had originally stored my posts as JSON files

// AnotherPost.json
    "title": "Another Post",
    "date" : 1292571876239,
    "body": "<!-- html code -->"

The trouble this caused was a crazy workflow. Edit Markdown source -> Save -> Generate HTML -> Paste into JSON file -> Format correctly -> Save -> Regenerate -> Upload. If I caught a typo or wanted to tweak something I had to go through the entire flow again.

I only want to edit one file. Simplest way is to store some headers along with the markdown source for each post. Jekyll uses YAML. I wanted to stay away from markup languages and decided to go with a simple JSON blob as a header seperated by a deliminator.

{"title":"Switching", "date":1312571876239}
After an extensive re-write I'm...

I read the file, split it by ++++++++++, and parse the header and markdown separately. Edit Markdown source -> Save -> Generate -> Upload.

Other various improvements:

  • Added Next / Previous navigation to the bottom of every post.
  • Updated style to better reflect the home page.
  • Rewrote generation script for more efficiency and to accomodate additional features.
  • Post path structure is now much more flexible.
  • Removed legacy post_id garbage.
written August 5th, 2011

August 2011

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