Google+ (+Me) = ?

July 8th, 2011

The title is a reference to Ben Brook’s post Google+ (-Me).

As the title states, I won’t be joining Google’s new social network any time soon. I wasn’t even going to post about it, until I started to get people asking me about it. I have two problems with Google +:

  1. It’s made by Google.
  2. I don’t trust Google.

It’s made by Google. I don’t trust Google. That is: I don’t trust Google with my private info, unless the offering is so compelling that it would be detrimental to me to not use their offering. (That’s why I use Google Reader and Google Analytics, but not Gmail.)

Gmail far more private then Google+ will ever be.

Viewing social networks as repositories of private information is the wrong way to view them. View them as public repositories of information you want to share with other people.

As for me, I’m now on Google+.

Joshua Kehn on Google+ Tweet

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