The best trade skills implement some form of peer accreditation. You could be talking about masons a hundred years back or welders today. They all implement a form of certification process overseen by a more skilled individual. Why not programmers?

With the recent enthusiasm for NYC and the surrounding area to become more tech savvy, and a number of tech notables pointing out the need for more “developers”. The goal of collabraCode(); is to not only grow more developers, but to grow better developers. While online learning, stack overflow and IRC chats offer ways of learning and growing, it is our premise that nothing is better than in-person contact with better developers to practice great development techniques and grow better developers. … The vision is that collabraCode(); will become a program template that other groups for other programming expertise to leverage the processes and grow other curriculum in other languages and frameworks.

Vision / Goal of collabraCode();

collabraCode(); is a concept program designed to grow better developers by targeting basic principals of knowledge.

  • Ability – often encoded in your genes or from your environment
  • Knowledge – often gained through reading, lectures and other education processes
  • Skills – gained through practice and continual improvement and feedback

Ability has to be built in. Individuals must have a programmer capable mindset. This is why we are only accepting beginner programmers who already have core programming concepts. Knowledge can come from many areas. Schools often focus mainly on this area, but knowledge is also gained from performing work, laboring in a professional environment, and gathering from other trusted individuals. Skills is a straight feedback mechanism, you perform work and receive feedback. It continuously adjusts your skills to further refine them.

Target Area

Targeting middle class programmers

collabraCode(); is designed to target the middle layer of developers. Those not considered advanced, but more then beginners. The goal is to transition them to a level that we can establish as a baseline for “good” programmers.

Currently the planning group for collabraCode(); is having spot-check meetings Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. If you would like to be a part of this either drop me a comment or join our mailing list.

written March 1st, 2011

March 2011

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