StackOverflow Elections

The StackOverflow (and .SE site) elections are in full swing. Currently all candidates are displayed in a random order. I felt that this was a bit clumsy when wanting to check who was in the lead and other information, so I wrote a quick piece of JavaScript you can inject via the console (Firebug in Firefox or Chrome Developer Tools in Chrome) that will sort all the candidates by votes and list their name and reputation as well. Paste the function into the console and then run it by calling voterShuffle();.

The code is available via my public Dropbox link. Yes, Dropbox, that thing I talked about earlier in the month.

Other then that I am running in the Programmers.SE election. If you have >150 rep and think I’ll do a good job why not consider voting!

written January 29th, 2011

January 2011

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