Things to never do again

Sorry folks, all data is lost. Working on adding back posts in. Update: I managed to recover (though a previous export) a good majority of the posts before moving to MongoDB.

I’m not switching storage engines though, data was lost because I was stupid enough to run mongod --repair on a perfectly good database, then mess with it. I will be adding posts that I can remember back shortly, expect to see at least the WebSocket tutorial back up by tomorrow.

Several people have commented over the last few months that they liked what I was writing about, so I’m sorry that that is gone. However I can also equate this to a needed fresh start. I’m also adding a cron job to dump the database into JSON for backup. While this doesn’t seem like enough, hopefully I can set up replicate sets, some minor sharding, and gain enough confidence to not need single server durability. My fault for assuming what was never promised. Won’t happen again.

written September 22nd, 2010

September 2010

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