Ignited Blog Repository


I switched to Pelican. This is quite old and I don’t have any interest currently in finding where this code went.

I pushed this code into the Ignited-Blog repository on GitHub I’m not even sure where. Fork, branch, play with it all you want. Nothing really special about it. Very basic currently. I would love some feedback from people who are using it. I plan on having setup instructions by the end of the week, along with notes on usage and setup.

Feature list:

  • MongoDB backed
  • CodeIgniter frontend
  • Integrated management (edit / comments)
  • Basic post functionality
  • reCaptcha comment checks
  • Markdown formatted
  • Post archives
  • Post downloads (Markdown / PDF)


  • Plugins?
  • Multiple formats
  • GUI management of configuration options
  • Security bump
written October 6th, 2010

October 2010

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